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  • Not just shiny taps!
  • Less scrubbing for you
  • Lovely for skin & hair
  • Longer-lasting appliances
  • Cost-savings

What are the Benefits of Soft Water?

Benefits Of Soft Water

What our customers say

"Within one month I am noticing the difference on lime-scale deposits around taps, amounts of washing powder used and of course, my skin. As an eczema sufferer the benefits are really noticeable. I would recommend your company and the product to any considering installing a softener – and I have!"
Mrs S


We are a family business based in Christchurch, Dorset.  We are very happy to either visit you or talk by phone about the best options for water softening within your property

Benefits Of Soft Water

Short on time? Get the Low-Down on the Benefits of Soft Water:

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About Hard & Soft Water

In the UK there are hard and soft areas. Rain water in its natural form is completely soft and it’s not until it hits the ground that it begins to absorb minerals found within the earth, which can lead to hard water. In hard water areas the ground is typically a composition of chalk and magnesium, which is very easily absorbed by water. In soft water areas the composition of the earth is typically hard stone, such as granite, leading to those areas being naturally soft. Find out about the different hard and soft areas of the UK.

Eliminate Limescale

Limescale is the deposit left behind by hard water, it is made up of calcium and magnesium compounds. It causes scaling of heater elements in kettles, dishwashers and washing machines, as well as scaling in your pipes and boiler. It is likely you can see limescale on your kitchen surfaces, taps and shower. Softened water eliminates limescale, which reduces cleaning time.Your appliances and boiler will work more efficiently and last longer.

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Improve Skin & Hair Condition

Did you know that the residue from hard water stays on your skin and clogs your pores? This is a factor in many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin. The scum can also serve as a home for bacteria, leading to nappy rash and itchiness, the mineral build-up in hard water can cause your hair cuticles to stand up, making your hair feel rough and dry. Softened water can help alleviate skin conditions, leaving your skin and hair feeling smooth and soft.

Cost Savings

Having softened water can save you money as your appliances last longer and are less likely to break, as limescale won’t be blocking your boiler and pipes. They will run more efficiently which results in a cost saving on your heating bills, as well as less washing powder, cleaning products, shampoo and soap. See how you can save up to 53% a month.

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Using a water softener in your home can have environmental benefits. Softened water is more efficient to heat. You will be using and buying less cleaning products, and having to replace appliances less regularly. Clothes can be cleaner and may last longer. 

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Longer Lasting Appliances

Eliminating limescale from the water can increase the life-span of a variety of your appliances including boilers, kettles, mixer taps and more…