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Salt and Washing Powder

Block Salt

The Minimax works with block salt, a much more convenient way of filling up the softener. It only weighs 8kg compared to 25kg of loose salt, meaning it is easier to load, carry and store.

Block salt is necessary to keep your system up and running while supplying your household with softened water 24 hours a day.

The salt helps to remove minerals in the water by catching them in the resin. To keep itself clean and ensure your home gets softened water 24/7, the softener has to clean itself through regeneration. The salt plays an important part in this as the minerals are flushed out using a mixture of soft water and sodium (salt).

Looking for Softener Salt Blocks

Are you looking for water softener salt blocks in Dorset?

We deliver Harvey Block Salt, or you can arrange to collect it from our Christchurch office. Please call the day before to be sure it will be ready for you.

Washing Powder for Softened Water

Regular washing powder is made up, in large part, of chemical softening agents to overcome hard water and obviously become unnecessary when you enjoy fully softened water.

Soap is the most effective natural, chemical free detergent and therefore works perfectly in soft water as the cleaning effects are improved, and less of it can be used for a better wash. The Minimax washing powder uses a simple formula that has been especially designed to work with a water softener so that you get the full benefit of its cleaning effects.

The powder is a super concentrated non-bio that comes in an easy pour, no measure dispenser to ensure that you use the correct amount each time without spillage. The benefits include brilliant whiteness, softer and brighter clothing, kinder to skin and is better for the environment.


Water Filters

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bottle of washing powder for softened water