Water Softening Award for Pureflow for 2019

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At Pureflow we were recently delighted to win another annual award for water softener sales.

We get enormous pleasure when our customers tell us, sometimes just two or three weeks after fitting, and sometimes after years of enjoying their softening systems, how delighted they are with the softener that we supplied. On a number of occasions, we have been told that the improvement has been life-changing with not just limescale eliminated but with their dry skin issues resolved. This makes supplying the units and fitting them neatly, a great job to have.

Sometimes when talking to a customer who has bought a house with one of our softening systems we surprise them when we explain how the machine works, in particular that the salt that they put into the machine only cleans the filters and doesn’t enter the water to their home, as they had imagined the water passed through the salt tank and into their home and actually softened the water in that way. They are pleased and reassured to establish that salt is only for regeneration of each filter, after it has softened 500 litres of hard water, as it then disconnects from the home feed during its cleaning cycle.

We always ensure that we provide every customer with all the information they require when we first meet, and allow enough time to provide the perfect carefully planned installation. This leads to happy customers that often introduce us to neighbours or family or friends interested in the benefits of softened water.

As a result of our customers’ enthusiasm, together with our constant focus to offer very competitive price and using the best quality installation parts, such as stainless steel braided hoses, that we have received acknowledgment of our Minimax water softener sales for most of the last 16 years as the photograph indicates. Thank you to everyone.