Softened Water Healthy For Hands

washing hands

Not only do moisturised hands feel great, but they look younger too! Research has shown that dry, otherwise healthy hands, are perceived to be, on average, nine years older than their actual age.

So, why do we get dry hands? The drying effects of the winter weather certainly add to the problem and at this time of year existing skin conditions can worsen considerably while even those who normally have well moisturised skin, can suffer from the discomfort of dry, rough patches and chapped and cracked skin.

How Softened Water is Healthy for Your Hands

The water you use can also cause the symptoms of dry skin.

Research has shown that hard water damages the protective layer on the skin, leaving it prone to dryness, whereas softened water preserves this protective layer, and helps to retain moisture. In addition, hard water contains excessive calcium and magnesium, which make it difficult to wash the soap away from your hands. After washing with hard water, the soap scum left on your hands leaves your skin dry, lifeless and prone to all the added symptoms of dry skin.

Whilst it would be better to cut down the build up of scum on your skin by using use less soap, this isn’t necessarily possible when we all need to wash our hands thoroughly.

The best way to avoid hard water damage to our skin is by installing a water softener.

By using softened water in your home, you can reduce the dryness in your skin and preserve the protective layer that enables your skin to retain moisture.

It is difficult for even the best moisturising cream to eliminate the effects of hard water on our skin, but we can choose healthy, fresh and clean and younger-looking skin when we choose to use softened water.