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Limescale Problems

Eliminate Limescale

Limescale is the deposit left behind by hard water, made up of calcium and magnesium compounds. It causes scaling of heater elements in kettles, dishwashers and washing machines, resulting in expensive premature failure and shortened life of the appliance.

Scale in your pipes and hot water cylinder will increase your heating costs considerably. Figures show that just ¼” (6mm) of scale will increase your water heating costs by 50%. Hard water also causes unsightly deposits of limescale on sink surfaces, taps and shower screens meaning that extra cleaning time and harsh chemical cleaners are needed to remove it.

sponge wiping shower door
Make limescale deposits a thing of the past

How Water Softeners Help Get Rid of Limescale

Softened water will remove all the existing built up scale from your plumbing work and keep it that way, which leaves you to enjoy the saving on your heating bills.

The benefits of scale-free water are most obvious in the kitchen with hard work and harsh cleaning products a thing of the past. A quick wipe over will leave your kitchen sparkling and any existing lime scale build-up on your kitchen appliances will be removed for good and the elements in your kettle and dishwasher will shining like new for years longer.

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How a water softener can get rid of limescale and improve your sink units & appliances

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What our customers say

"We are extremely pleased with the twin cylinder water softener you fitted for us. We are delighted with the results which make cleaning the shower and bathroom so much easier. There is now no limescale or scum on any of the wall surfaces or around the bath or sink after use. Thank you for a good job done and for the delivery of the salt blocks so promptly. We would not hesitate to recommend your company as you offer a 5 star service."
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J & A Blackburn