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Improve Skin Conditions & Hair

Hard water can be a factor in many skin conditions
including eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin.

The Effect of Soft Water on Your Hair

The minerals in hard water cause your hair cuticles to stand up, which can make your hair feel rough and dry, it can also have an effect on treatments such as perms and dyes which fade faster, and you can be left with a flaky scalp and hair breakage.

Softened water allows your body’s natural oils to keep your hair soft and shiny, without mineral build-up, it leaves no residue that will dry out the hair and cause an itchy scalp. So your hair is left feeling softer and healthier for longer.

mother and child with towels on heads

Shaving with Softened Water

Hard water causes scum which can ruin the slickness of your shave, it can also aggravate problems such as razor burn, ingrowing hairs and general irritation.

Softened water will give you more of a lather which makes it easier to remove hair with a more comfortable shave, and afterwards your skin will feel smoother and healthier.

The lack of mineral build-up on the razor will also increase the lifespan of your blades and save you money on your shaving products as you will use less, with more lather.

Eczema and Soft Water

Eczema is a painful and distressing skin condition. Unfortunately it affects around one in five children in the UK and often it can continue to be a problem long into adulthood.

Most current treatments for eczema only suppress the condition, and can often have unwanted side effects. The causes of eczema are not yet fully understood, hereditary and environmental factors are both thought to have a part to play.

Hard water is known to be associated with eczema – a study of primary schoolchildren has found that those who live in hard water areas are 44% more likely to suffer from eczema.