Your boiler’s life span and the efficiency are greatly reduced by hard water scale build-up.

Boiler life is reduced because the build-up of scale is inside the heat exchanger, this causes the metal heat exchanger to overheat as the flow of water through it is reduced by scale. This overheating damages the boiler and reduces its life, often referred to as ‘Kettling’.

Your boiler’s efficiency relies on the heat from the gas, oil fuel or electricity passing through the heat exchanger and into the water. However, as a layer of hard water scale forms inside, it is an insulator and passes less and less through to the water as the scale thickness increases, up to half a millimetre per year is not an un-common build-up.

By fitting a water softening system to an existing boiler, it gently dissolves away all of the scale build-up and takes the boiler back to full efficiency.

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