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Water Softener Products and How They Work

Water Softeners:

What is a water softener? It is a fully automatic filter that collects & disposes of the hardness in your water supply. With a Minimax M3 softener, your water will always be completely soft giving you a complete feeling of real luxury. Eliminate lime-scale and save money. The M3 Minimax is outstanding in producing the very highest quality soft water, at a fantastic flow rate continuously, and very economically.

Minimax M3 water softener in kitchen cupboard

Provides 24/7 high quality completely soft water flow. Fully automatic filter providing great efficiency using the very latest technology.

Cutaway diagram of Minimax M3 water softener

Water softeners replace the hardness minerals in water which cause limescale with sodium, this is done through a process of ion exchange.

water softener in base unit

How the different types of water softeners compare across a range of criteria such as size of unit, efficiency, maintenance, types of salt refills and more

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