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Comparison of Water Softeners

We’re an award-winning water softener company based in Christchurch, Dorset.

We know that water softeners can be divided into two groups. In short, some have been cleverly designed in recent times, a great example being the Minimax M3.

However there are many older designs that are still on the shelves being incorrectly marketed as ‘best water softeners’ but they fall very short of giving customers the modern day experience of consistently perfectly soft water!

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Minimax M3 Range of Water Softeners

  • Very compact sized machines
  • 24/7 Continuous fully softened water.
  • Constant 50% reduction soaps etc.
  • Easy loading light block salt
  • No routine maintenance required
  • Non electric as intelligent hydraulics
  • Manufacturers 10 Year full parts cover
  • Efficient short regeneration cycle times

Conventional, electronic, tablet, single cylinder models

  • Cabinets are wider & taller to fit in electrics
  • Fluctuating soft with some hardness/ varying
  • Varying need for soap difficult to reduce use
  • Loading heavy bags of tablet / granular salt
  • Regular servicing, as they clean with hard water
  • Electrical controls need setting & maintenance
  • Routine servicing requires service engineers
  • Long regen cycles due to the old internal filters