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How Water Softeners Work: The Minimax M3

Minimax M3 water softener


The Minimax M3 is a revolutionary softener.

It’s compact enough to fit under your kitchen sink and supply soft water throughout your home.

Simply, it works through an ion exchange process which filters out the minerals in the hard water – leaving you with pure, softened water that benefits you, your health and your home.

When you book a survey and quote with us, we’ll come to your home and test your water and will show you the effects softening the water will have. We also offer filtered mains pure drinking water in conjunction with softening in your home.

diagram of how water softener works

How the Twin Cylinder Softener Works

The two softening filters remove the hardness from the water, and once half a tonne (500 litres) of soft water has been used at home, one of the two filters completes a 9 minute regen water-powered clean.

Just 300 grams of block salt, and a few litres of flushing water are required to make the filter ready to roll.

Inside each of the two filters is high quality Ion Exchange Resin. It collects the hardness minerals as the water passes through it into your home and exchanges with sodium ions.

The easy to load 4kg salt blocks dissolve slowly down at a rate of approx. 1 block per person in 5 weeks. Note that the addition of children in a home tends to add less salt usage due to the shared use of the appliances etc.

Cutaway diagram of Minimax M3 water softener

Our Machines

We offer our range of machines to match your home and your requirements.

All the models provide characteristic high flow rates. This fundamental feature was designed in by fitting full face 175mm diameter filter so as to deliver all the mains water pipe can provide in your home to your plumbing & bathrooms/ kitchen etc.

They all deliver the highest yield of beautifully softened water with very low use of block salt & regen water and meet the government’s Code for Sustainable Homes.