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Minimax M3 Water Softener

The latest in a line of best-selling water softeners from a company with decades of experience in an ever-improving technology. We are award-winning, expert installers.

Minimax M3 Water Softener

UK’s best-selling water softener – with technology that provides your home
with softened water 24/7 and works at optimum efficiency. 

Accurate Meter Control

A water softener’s meter tells it when it needs to regenerate. It can be likened to the engine of a car – the better the meter, the more accurate its analysis of its need to regenerate and therefore the more efficient it is.

The Minimax M3 Water Softener is unique in its design. It’s fitted with two displacement meters that have pinpoint accuracy, they easily measure from a dripping tap all the way up to the highest flow rates of a domestic plumbing system.

This means that the system regenerates only when it needs to, using less water and salt, while always supplying you with soft water.

Water Softener Meter

Non Electric Technology

The Minimax M3 Water Softener is powered efficiently and simply by the flow of water as it runs through your household pipework as any or all of the outlets are used, taps / showers / baths & appliances etc.

The benefit of being non-electric is that it provides the highest efficiency of soft water without demanding any of your time, unlike programmable electric models that ask for so much more attention.  The M3 only requires that salt blocks are added every 12,000 litres!

Plus when you are away it will simply ‘sleep’ until you are home, saving salt & water.

Twin Cylinder

A water softener has two simple jobs – to soften water and clean itself by regeneration.

Two cylinders work better than one. When one tank needs to regenerate, the other will carry on providing your house with softened water 24/7.

As a twin tank can perform both jobs at the same time it works much more efficiently. A single cylinder tank will need to regenerate, but when doing so can’t provide your house with softened water.

The Minimax M3 is a compact design that performs powerfully, there is no programming or adjustment required which makes it simple for you to use.

twin cylinders within water softener

Easy to Handle Block Salt

Block salt is the only part of your water softener you really need to think about.  It is used in the softener regeneration process and it needs to be kept topped up so that your softener can work effectively.

Instead of using traditional tablet salt which come in heavy 25kg sacks, the Minimax M3 Water Softener uses block salt; a lightweight, compact 4kg brick that takes the hassle of out of refilling process.

The Minimax M3 takes two blocks of salt at a time, and an average home in a hard water area will use less than a block of salt per person per month.

woman inserting block salt into water softener

High Flow Rate

Suitable for all British plumbing systems, designed for the high flow rate demands of cylinders like Megaflow & Ariston as well as direct heat-on-demand Combi Boilers.

The M3 is equally suited to conventional loft tank with vented hot water cylinder systems.

One of its great virtues is that the M3 can be transferred to any house move as is works perfectly at all flow rates, and this is not the case of other manufactures whose machines are limited to one type of water flow rate!

The M3 provides up to 60 litre/min of fully softened water.

The Minimax Major offers up to 80 Litres/min & the Big Blue offers even more flow.

shower head with water coming out

Minimax M3:  Dorset’s Expert Installers

We are an award-winning family company based in Christchurch, Dorset.

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Minimax M3 Water Softener